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Retrospective 2021 !

The year started quite well I can say ! From December to January, I was able to exhibit in a gallery that I love and have been following for several years: the Haven Gallery, NY, in the US. It's a superb gallery that now has, since last year, two venues where artists from all over the world are exhibited, including Annie Stegg, Jesús Aguado, Nicoletta Ceccoli and Kukula whom you might have seen their work.

"Little Big V" group show was a great opportunity to exhibit what I do outside Europe thanks to the sweet Erica. Here is a photo of the gallery :

In March I was also able to unveil this little darling at their "Lewis Carrol" exhibition! Many of you know my passion for Alice's universe so I was thrilled to participate!

Autumn, my favorite season !

I made two beautiful collabs. The first in September with ISKN who partnered with Faber-Castell for their Repaper tablet, which they offered to me to test and share on Instagram. For those who haven't seen the posts, it's a very nice, very practical tool that I have been using since to create nice products for my shop 8

In October, I worked with Pauline Bozec, the French pastry chef behind the "Juste pour Goûter" decorated biscuits to create a Halloween box! I let you see in pictures the adaptation in biscuits of my drawings... Pauline really has magic in her hands !

Tote bag cosy witches de Lucie Schrimpf
Tote bag in the box !

Illustrations de sorcières de Lucie Schrimpf
Stationery pack with the box !

And to finish, I have started creating items in my shop under my own brand Cosy Witches. I wanted to create a range of stationery and simple, cosy accessories from my witches’ drawings that you like so much. Your reviews about them made me so happy… See you in the spring for the novelties !

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Witchily yours,