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1-Personal data protection policy


In the frame of the use of its services on its website and its mobile version, Lucie Schrimpf, owner of the Madame Schrimpf's shop of the witch's shop, as data processing manager, may collect and process data. personal data concerning you.


Lucie Schrimpf, owner of the site of Madame Schrimpf's witch's shop, is very attached to respecting the rules for protecting the privacy of users of her website. All the processing of personal data implemented within the framework of the accessible services complies with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data and in particular the provisions of the “Informatique et Libertés” law of 6 January 1978 as amended and the General Regulations on Data Protection (EU Regulation 2016/679) referred to as "RGPD".


2-What are Lucie Schrimpf's commitments in terms of personal data protection?

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

We are committed to guaranteeing a high level of protection of the personal data of the Users of its website and its mobile version and of any other person whose personal data it processes.


Lucie Schrimpf, owner of the Boutique de la sorcière de Madame Schrimpf website, undertakes to comply with the regulations which apply to all the personal data processing it implements. More particularly, Lucie Schrimpf undertakes in particular to respect the following principles:


-your personal data is processed in a lawful and transparent manner

-your personal data is collected for specific purposes, in particular for the proper execution of the sales contract during your orders only.

The data are not further processed in a manner incompatible with these purposes

-your personal data is kept in an adequate and relevant manner and is limited to what is necessary for the smooth running of your order on the site.


-your personal data is accurate, kept up to date and all reasonable measures are taken to ensure that inaccurate data, having regard to the purposes for which they are processed, are erased or rectified without delay.


3- Security

Lucie Schrimpf, owner of Madame Schrimpf's Witch's Shop website and WIX (e-commerce solution provider) implement the appropriate technical measures to guarantee a level of security suited to the risk inherent in its processing operations (orders, payment), meet regulatory requirements, and protect user rights and data.


Lucie Schrimpf undertakes to comply with any other principle that is required with regard to the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, and more specifically concerning the rights conferred on the persons concerned, the retention periods of personal data as well as the related obligations. cross-border transfers of personal data.


4- What is the use of the data likely to be collected by Lucie Schrimpf?


As part of our relationships, you are likely to communicate your personal data to us by various means and in particular on our websites: when placing orders, by completing the various collection forms, when subscribing to a newsletter, when the creation of an account, when you post comments on our social media pages, when you establish any contact with Lucie Schrimpf, owner of the site of the Madame Schrimpf's witch shop, or when you send us any other way your personal data.


5-Processing purposes and legal bases


The purpose is in particular, and without this list being exhaustive, to allow Internet users and Users to benefit from all the services or services available on the Lucie Schrimpf site (creation of a User account, newsletter, etc.), to allow the browsing its websites, to match our information, our offers and other forms of services as closely as possible to your interests, to facilitate the completion of the administrative formalities necessary for the processing of your purchases / orders, contests, newsletters, responses to the questions .


Lucie Schrimpf, owner of Madame Schrimpf's Witch's Shop site, processes your information for the purposes described in these rules and in accordance with the following legal grounds:

with your consent to process your information for specific purposes, and you are free to revoke your consent at any time. For example, we ask your permission if you want to benefit from personalized services, such as offers, promotions or newsletters.


6- How long are your data kept?

Lucie Schrimpf, owner of the Boutique de la sorcière de Madame Schrimpf website, undertakes to store your personal data for a period that does not exceed that required for the purposes for which they are processed. In addition, Lucie Schrimpf keeps your personal data in accordance with the retention periods imposed by the applicable laws in force.


These retention periods are defined according to the processing purposes implemented by Lucie Schrimpf, owner of the site of Madame Schrimpf's witch's shop, and in particular take into account the applicable legal provisions imposing a precise retention period for certain categories of data, any limitation periods that apply, as well as the CNIL's recommendations concerning certain categories of data processing.


7- Who is likely to access your personal data?

The data collected on the website of Lucie Schrimpf, owner of the site of the shop of the witch of Madame Schrimpf, are only reserved for the personnel of the site, or its providers of payment and transport, within the framework of the accomplishment all or part of the services ordered. We remind you that in this context, Lucie Schrimpf asks its providers to set up strict confidentiality and protection measures for this data. In addition, Lucie Schrimpf may be required to provide personal information to authorized French or foreign public authorities (customs declaration forms).


8-Data transfers outside the European Union

Some of the recipients mentioned above may be established outside the European Union and may have access to all or part of the personal information collected by Lucie Schrimpf due to a specific legal authorization. The customs declaration is mandatory for all goods shipped outside the EU and must be completed and sent electronically to the competent authorities, upstream of shipment. The name, first name and address of the recipient, contact (email or telephone), content of the shipment, price of the goods and the port as well as the follow-up, if available) must appear there. This customs information is not dedicated to any data monetization and remains strictly intended for the use of security information on the importation of goods.


In this context, Lucie Schrimpf, owner of the site of Madame Schrimpf's witch's shop, undertakes to guarantee the protection of your data in accordance with the strictest rules, in particular through the signing, on a case-by-case basis, of contractual clauses. based on the European Commission model, or any other mechanism compliant with the GDPR, when your personal data is processed by a service provider outside the European Economic Area and whose country is not considered by the European Commission as ensuring an adequate level of protection.


9-How to exercise your rights?

In accordance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, you can, at any time, exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion of data concerning you as well as your rights of limitation and opposition to the processing and the portability of your personal data.


In addition, you have the legal right to define directives relating to the fate of your personal data post mortem.


In addition, any minor at the time of collecting their personal data can obtain its erasure as soon as possible.


These rights are exercised by mail to the following address:


Lucie Schrimpf

13 avenue Pasteur

92400 Courbevoie



In this context, we ask you to accompany your request with the elements necessary for your identification (last name, first name, email) as well as any other information necessary to confirm your identity.


For certain specific services, these rights may be exercised directly online (management of your user account, management of your newsletter subscriptions, etc.).


You also have a right of appeal to the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (CNIL) in the event of a violation of the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data.


In addition, if you no longer wish to receive an electronic newsletter from Lucie Schrimpf by email, you can click on the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of each communication.


If you do not wish to receive offers from Lucie Schrimpf, owner of Madame Schrimpf's Witch's Shop site, you can update your communication preferences in your profile by logging into your account.


IT security / transaction security

Lucie Schrimpf and Wix implement all the technical and organizational measures useful, with regard to the nature, the scope and the context of the personal data that you communicate to us and the risks presented by their processing, to preserve the security of your personal data and, in particular, to prevent any destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure, intrusion or unauthorized access to such data, whether accidentally or unlawfully.


The security and confidentiality of personal data are based on individual best practices. This is the reason why we invite you not to communicate your passwords to third parties, to systematically log out of your profile and your social network accounts (especially if you log in with) and to close the your browser at the end of your session, particularly if you access the Internet from a computer workstation shared with other people or with a free public network connection such as wifi in stations or cafes. This will prevent other users from accessing your personal information.


10-Personal data concerning minors

Lucie Schrimpf does not collect or process personal data relating to children under 16 without the prior consent of the parents or holders of parental responsibility for the child.


If personal data concerning children is collected via the website of Lucie Schrimpf, owner of the site of the shop of the witch of Madame Schrimpf, the parents or holders of the exercise of parental authority have the possibility of s' oppose it by contacting us at the address indicated at the bottom of this page.


In addition, as stated above, the minor child at the time of collection of his personal data can obtain its erasure as soon as possible.


11- Links to access other sites

On several pages of the website of Lucie Schrimpf, owner of Madame Schrimpf's witch's shop, you are offered the possibility of clicking to access other websites of other companies (transport or payment provider) We advise you to read the policy of these sites relating to the processing and protection of personal data, as the conditions on these sites may differ and The bat in the hat will in no way be responsible for the processing of personal data by these others. websites.


12- Modifications

Lucie Schrimpf, owner of Madame Schrimpf's boutique de la sorcière de la sorcière site, reserves the right to adapt the personal data protection policy and undertakes to inform you on its website of any changes or additions.

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