This original artwork

is available !

Thank you for what you sent ! IMPORTANT: confirm your email in the email you just received :) thank you!

Payment facilities

  • 1 payment in one time

  • 2 payments over 2 months

  • 4 payments over 4 months

  • 6 payments over 6 months

  • 8 payments over 8 months


Contact me if you are interested in this option.

  • After 1st payment is made, the painting is labeled as Sold on the website.

  • The painting continues to be on display until payment is completed.

  • Shipping costs will be charged once payment is fully completed. The artwork is shipped once payment is complete.

  • This method of payment does not permit the possibility of refund. If 2 months pass without payment being made, the painting is back for sale.


This offer allows everyone to be able to afford an original work. Hope you will like this option !