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“Through all the world there goes one long cry from the heart of the artist:

Give me a chance to do my best.” Isak Dinesen, Babette's Feast

Lucie Schrimpf grew up always needing to create and draw. She tried herself as a child in several disciplines: illustrated calligraphy, modeling in all its forms, origami art, embroidery, porcelain decoration… until her fairy godmother offered her a box of watercolors. Then, fascinated by the paintings of masters, she began to work with oil paint, oil pencils and pastel. Self-taught at first, she also trained with several confirmed artists, illustrators, painters and even sculptors.  


Lucie has a deep attachment to nature, to the imaginary creatures and characters in it, and her work is inspired by fairy and folk tales, folklore and classical literature.


2021  Haven Gallery, Northport, New York USA - "Lewis Carrol" Group Show March 28 - April 25

2020  Haven Gallery, Northport, New York USA - "Little Big V" Group Show 12 Dec - 10 Jan

2020  Orangerie of Château de Thoiry (78) - 20 years of the Gazette du Sorcier - 12/09/2020

2019  Carrousel du Louvre - Contemporary Art Fair Paris, France

2019  Circle of Artists of Paris Paris, France

2019  International Contemporary Art Fair Art3f Paris, France