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About the Artist

I have always had the need to give a shape to my emotions through creation, whether with drawing and painting but also with illumination art, sculpting, origami, embroidery, decoration of porcelain. … Until my fairy godmother gave me a watercolor box. Fascinated by the great masters' artworks, I started to work with oil painting and pastel. Self-taught at first, I studied with contemporary artists, illustrators, painters, sculptors graduated from Fine Arts, like the students of the great masters' workshops in their time.


My vision has been shaped along with my particular affection for the natural world and the creatures that lives in it, fairy tales, folklore, classical and fantasy literature. Animals are often represented in my works, they are as I see them: beautiful, innocent but also mischievous and obeying only their instinct. My inspiration comes either from the night world or from the day's and I particularly love to join sweet and loving subjects with strange ones. Through my exploration of the deep ambivalent nature of beings, I wish to push the viewer to introspection.





2021 Fantasy Fair Imagin con '- August 2021 Paris, France

2019 Carrousel du Louvre - Contemporary Art Fair Paris, France

2019 Cercle des Artistes de Paris Paris, France

2019 Art3f International Contemporary Art Fair Paris, France


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